Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022, 7:30pm, Community Music School of Springfield. Must be fully vaccinated, masks required


Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Moppa Elliot, bass, Ron Stabinsky, piano, Kevin Shea, drums. Community Music School of Springfield, 127 State St. Single tickets: $15 at and at the door.

Two-time winners of El Intruso’s “Best Band To See Live”

Mosty Other People Do the Killing is proud to celebrate the release of their new recording “Disasters Vol. 1″ on February 19, 2022 on Hot Cup Records. Bassist and bandleader, Moppa Elliott, penned a series of compositions exploring a wide variety of natural and man-made disasters that have befallen small towns in his native Pennsylvania. The trio recorded these tunes in the summer of 2020 as the Covid restrictions in the New York area were briefly relaxed. The current disaster of the ongoing pandemic looms large in this music, as MOPDtK bring their unique, swinging, rollicking sense of musical fun to the proceedings, alternating between the tragedy and comedy of the material.

This music contains antibodies that fight off existential sadness!

Over the past sixteen years, Mostly Other People Do the Killing, led by bassist and composer Moppa Elliot, has earned a place at the forefront of jazz and improvised music, performing in a style that is at once rooted in the jazz tradition and highly improvised and unstructured. MOPDtK performs compositions by Elliott, all of which are arbitrarily named after towns in his native Pennsylvania. The band began in 2005 as a quartet featuring trumpeter Peter Evans, saxophonist Jon Iragabon, drummer Kevin Shea and Elliot, and transitioned to its present configuration as a trio in 2017. Their brand new release, Disasters Vol 1, is their second as a threesome.

The initial albums explored the intersection between common practice hard bop compositions and free improvisation, incorporating a kaleidoscopic wealth of other influences from pop music to the classical European repertoire. Their albums Shamokin!!! (2007) and This Is Our Moosic (2008) were both included in critics’ Top 10 albums of the year. In 2010, Elliot expanded the group’s framework and began exploring specific eras of jazz, resulting in 2011’s Slippery Rock (an investigation of smooth jazz and fusion styles) and 2012’s Red Hot (featuring an expanded lineup recalling the jazz and blues of the late 1920s and early 1930s.) In 2014, they released Blue, a note-for-note reproduction of the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue, that evoked a wide range of strong responses from both the public and critics and will likely be a part of the state of jazz in the 21st century for years to come.

Pianist Ron Stabinsky first started playing with MOPDtK in 2011 as part of a project at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam commemorating the anniversary of Eric Dolphy and Booker Little’s Live at the Five Spot. Since 2013, Stabinsky has been the pianist for the Peter Evans Quintet, performs in projects with the Philadelphia New Music Ensemble Relâche, the Charles Evans Quartet with David Liebman, and Cris Kirkwood, bassist of the Meat Puppets. His debut recording Free for One (2016) is a collection of eight genre-hopping solo piano improvisations showcasing the artist’s technical virtuosity and unerring musicality.

Drummer Kevin Shea has played in the avant-garde band Storm & Stress with whom he recorded Storm and Stress (produced by Steve Albini) in 1997 and Under Thunder & Fluorescent Lights (produced by Jim O’Rourke) in 2000. He has also played in the band Coptic Light. The Village Voice named him best drummer of 2012. His noise-rock band Talibam! with Matt Mottel (synthesizer), is “Artists in Residence” at the Moers Festival in Moers, Germany for all of 2021.

Bassist Moppa Elliot is a graduate of Oberlin College and teaches music at Information Technology High School in Long Island City, NY. He also produces and release albums on Hot Cup Records including his solo bass recording, Still Up in the Air and a three-album release entitled JazzBand/RockBand/DanceBand.